Example of an unsafe Memorial in need of Headstone Repairs!


Following recent safety audits into the safety of memorials at Cemeteries throughout England and Wales, it has become apparent that a significant number of memorials are in poor or very poor condition and will therefore require prompt remedial action.

Instability or the collapse of a memorial is often due to a number of related factors, including the failure of a stone's foundation, inadequate jointing of gravestone parts, poorly executed repairs and general weathering and erosion.

NEVER push or shake a memorial to see if it is safe! If you are concerned that your memorial may not be safe, ring us on 029 2088 7188 or email us and we will test it with a nationally recognised and calibrated machine free of charge.

Do not attempt to carry out any repair work on a memorial yourself. This is a specialist task that will normally require special lifting equipment. You should contact the relevant local authority before commissioning any repair work. You may find that they have a programme of repairs to graveyard memorials already in place and may be prepared to include your memorial within the programme.

If the local authority does not have a programme of memorial repairs in place, you must commission remedial work privately and as quickly as possible.

When commissioning repairs to a memorial, you are strongly recommended to use the services of a mason who is a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM). The Association has a Recommended Code of Working practice and a member of the Association will ensure that necessary work is carried out to the standards of the Code.

However, if your memorial just needs to be cleaned and spruced up, click here to read about The Headstone Cleaning Guide!